Conductive Silicone & EMI Shielding

Casco Bay Molding is seeking EMI RF Shielding Silicone Elastomer customers / partners. We would be very pleased to develop custom conductive silicone compounds for your Conductive Silicone and Flourosilicone applications, parts or overmolded parts.  We are pleased to discuss a metal loading percentage, type of loading material and/or particle size targeted towards your microwave frequency or shielding application.

We welcome conversations regarding the following improvements:

  • Lower assembled part costs to be achieved by over-molding conductive silicone gaskets or shapes onto plastic or metal parts.
  • Softer more Compliant Conductive Silicone:  We would like to formulate loaded silicone in the 40 to 50 durometer range depending on type and percentage of loading required
  • Fluorosilicone standard component or overmolded Flouro-Silicone part applications.
  • Metal-detectable silicone parts produced from FDA approved materials.  Casco Bay Molding has an existing formulation of this product line.  Carbonyl Iron loaded silicone is used in silicone cable ties and equipment gaskets for food processing equipment applications.
  • Antimicrobial Parts:  Casco Bay has developed specially formulated antimicrobial parts, i.e. DiveSafe Scuba Mouthpiece.  We are pleased to work with stock “antimicrobial” liquid silicone rubber, shown to be antimicrobial Report.

Detailed below please find several industry standard materials. Casco Bay is able to very closely approximate the following materials offered by larger OEMs:

– Silicone Comparable to: Chomerics, CHO-SEAL S6305, EcE 93 and CE-007 or Ja-Bar series 804.

  • Yields good shielding for many commercial applications. Casco Bay Molding is pleased to mold this material in custom customer gasket shapes.
  • 65 durometer Silicone
  • Nickel Plated Graphite
  • Dark gray

– Silicone Comparable to: Chomerics, CHO-SEAL L6303, EcE 92 and Ja-Bar series 812.

  • Yields good chemical resistance for solvent or fuel oils or potentially corrosive applications.
  • 65 durometer Fluorosilicone
  • Nickel Graphite or Nickel Plated Graphite
  • Dark gray

– Silicone Comparable to: Chomerics, CHO-SEAL 1356, Ja-Bar Series 803.

  • Used for Microwave applications such as cell phone tower or high-speed servers.
  • 65 durometer
  • Silver Plated Glass loaded Silicone
  • Tan

– Silicone Comparable to: Chomerics CHO-SEAL 1285, EcE 81 and CE-009 and Ja-Bar series 805.

  • Highly effective in demanding shielding & conductivity applications.
  • Silver/Aluminum loaded
  • Blue

– Silicone Comparable to: Chomerics CHO-SEAL 1287, EcE 89 and CE-006 and Ja-Bar series 815.

  • Provides excellent shielding & conductivity plus the added chemical resistance of a Fluoro Silicone.
  • 70 durometer
  • Silver Plated Aluminum Fluorosilicone

– Silicone Comparable to: Chomerics CHO-SEAL 1215, EcE 80 and CE-001 and Ja-Bar series 806

  • Provides very high shielding effectiveness. However, Copper is particularly susceptible to oxidation in humid environments. Casco Bay Molding has considered overmolding this type of gasket with standard LSR.
  • 65 durometer
  • Silver Plated Copper filler
  • Tan

– Silicone Comparable to: Chomerics CHO-SEAL 1298 and CE-016.

  • Provides excellent conductivity and shielding in a harsh environment.
  • 70 durometer
  • Passivated Silver/Aluminum Fluorosilicone
  • Blue

Casco Bay Molding would be pleased to provide a Custom Blended Loaded Silicone solution to meet your Flouro-silicone, MF Absorption, EMI Shielding or metal detection requirements.

IMPORTANT: The above information is to the best of our knowledge accurate and reliable. However, with technical silicones of this nature Casco Bay Molding makes no expressed or implied warranty that parts manufactured from our material will function to customer’s specification. It is the customer’s responsibility to test parts prior to use. Chomerics® and CHO-SEAL® are registered trademarks for Chomerics-Parker.