Medical & OEM Markets Served

One or more members of our New England based Product Development Team is or has been directly involved in the product development cycles outlined below. Our Team is confident in our ability to assist in designing, developing and debugging the tooling to produce Medical or non-Medical OEM Devices in the following markets:


  • Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Trocar technology
  • Mechanical/disposable hand-held devices i.e. Collagen Injection Assist device, Biopsy Gun
  • Drainage Catheter technology
  • Sterilization Tray technology


  • Sterilizing .2 micron pleated cartridge technology
  • Reverse Osmosis ultra-filtration technology
  • In-line IV set filter/air vent technology
  • Over-molding gaskets onto multiple substrates for ease of filtration stack assembly

Respiratory Therapy

  • Adult/Pediatric Ventilator Valve technology
  • Sleep Apnea flapper valve production

    Food Processing

    • Custom designed, over-sized suction cups for frozen food handling
    • Food formation “booties” to shape food
    • Over-sized Ice Cube tray

    Medical Tools

    • Multiple styles and shapes of Dental and Surgical Instrument silicone over molded handles
    • Family of Silicone strain reliefs for fiber optic lights used in surgical theater
    • Silicone Sterilization trays
    • Medical Case for electronic muscle simulation device

    Intravenous Therapy

    • Luer Activated Valve technology
    • Pressure Activated Valve technology
    • Needle-less Access Valve technology
    • Injectable Drug Devices i.e. Syringes, Safety Needles, Insulin Pumps, IV Infusion Pumps etc.

    Medical Labware

    • 384 wells overmolded onto plastic for 384 gene sequencing application
    • 1”x3” Glass slide cover, silicone gasket overmolded to Ultem
    • Newman Sanitary gasket production

    Consumer Kitchen and Bath Consumer Products

    • Evolved OEM Two component – overmolded drinking water faucet Spray Face design into a manufacturable production part
    • OEM multifunctional hot/cold drink cap

    Casco Bay Molding currently has a portable white room and is ISO 9001:2015 Certified with full material traceability. We are pleased to upgrade to 13485:2016 based on a project’s viability.

    Capacity Disclaimer: Casco Bay Molding has limited design and product development capacity. We reserve the right to decline projects based on capacity or the projects probability of gaining market acceptance.