Casco Bay Molding has joined forces with a LSR & Plastic Mold Making partner to expand and relocate Legu Tool and Mold LLC into Casco Bay Molding’s facility. Having two highly experienced tool and mold makers just steps away from our plastic and silicone injection molding production floor simplifies and excellerates the necessary tooling adjustments that challenging projects often require. Our two tool makers possess New England know-how, each having over 27 years for experience – including graduation from Swiss style apprenticeship program.

Quick Response Development Cycling: Medical and OEM LSR (liquid silicone rubber) customers are almost always on tight timelines. This market requirement provided the impetus for Casco’s tool making investment. Full service under one roof:

  • Product Design
  • Mold Design
  • Mold Making
  • Mold Testing & De-bug
  • Part Re-design
  • Part and Mold Adjustments
  • Mold Testing & De-bug
  • Part Acceptance
  • Production Tooling based on product know how
  • High volume production

Frequently, multiple “mold/part design” change iterations are required to get to a final functional part. Our goal is to be able to “re-sample” your silicone or plastic Medical device component in the molding machine within 4 working days of receiving a revised parts design, provided revisions are received before 9am EST.

Our “Core & Cavity Set” insert philosophy is tailored to lower your upfront “tooling charge” investment as well as provide quick turn-a-round based on customer needs. To facilitate this Casco has invested in a series of mold bases of varying configurations:

  • Cold runner valve gate, for direct gating of parts or minimizing LSR generation.
  • 3 Plate style, ideal for when multiple LSR gates/drops are required.
  • Convention plate core & cavity set insert style

Mold Shop Asset and Equipment List:

  • People are our #1 Asset! We are very fortunate to have two highly experienced tool makers, each with over 27 years of experience.
  • Kent CNC machine with automatic tool changer
  • Kneemill w/ Analam 1100 2-axis CNC control, ULTIMA 3VKH
  • Two Bridgeport mill with digital read-out, 9×42
  • Supermax YCM 40 Mill, 3-Axis Mach 4 CNC Control
  • Cadillac YAM 1000 engine lathe,
  • Hardinge turret lathe HC
  • Harig manual 6×12 surface grinder
  • Falcon/Chevalier 2-axis Auto Surface grinder, 8×20
  • Delta Rockwell drill press
  • Kalamazoo H9AW Hot Saw
  • Kysor/Johnson vertical band saw
  • Black diamond drill grinder, BW-70
  • Carbide Tool Dresser