DEMA Tradeshow 2012

SiliconeGear / Casco Bay Molding had a successful DEMA 2011 in Orlando Florida.  We always enjoy meeting our old friends/repeat customers who visit us every year to stock up on our quality Silicone Scuba Products.

Please visit us at the New Jersey Meadowland consumer tradeshow: Beneath The Sea we will be in Booth#127,  March 23 – 25, 2012.  Right next to our “Jewelry-Scuba buddy” Mr. Roland St John of Big Blue Jewelry.    We also look forward to DEMA 2012 in LasVegas we’ll be in Booth#2466 November 14-17, 2012.

Scuba Product Development Ideas Discussed at DEMA:
At DEMA 2011 we had several interesting conversations regarding new Silicone Scuba Product development: Designing & Producing a Silicone rebreather mouthpiece as well as Silicone Dry suit Seal being the most notable.

Silicone Dry suit Seals:  It was brought to our attention that many dry suit manufacturers are “less that eager” to sell replacement seals once their suit’s seal retaining “systems” wear out.  Dry suit divers explained many people have allergic reactions to the industry standard-stiffer latex seals that tend to loose elasticity in cold water – promoting leaks.

The challenge is to develop an entire sealing “system” comprised of the following component parts:
1) Plastic Ring: The plastic ring to be glued onto the dry suit.  The ring must have a securing groove to capture the Silicone hand or neck seal by pushing an o-ring into the groove.  Two sizes: head and hand size rings are required.

2) Silicone Seal:  Two sizes large cone shaped seals need to be developed & produced.

3) O-ring: A custom o-ring would also be developed to capture the seal within the plastic ring groove.

We discussed this potential project with expert dry suit divers, one of our distribution partners (Mr. Lowell Dreyfus of Trident) and subsequently with our tooling- product development partners.  An improved dry suit sealing system is defiantly something Casco Bay Molding would enjoy developing and bring to the marketplace. Perhaps a further evolution of the Si Tech Seal Dry Suit example Seal Link.

The down side is the seals requires a substantial tooling investments, 4 molds for six parts defined above (head & hand seals are separate tools).  I estimate we would require an upfront commitment for 2,000 seals (any mix hand or head) assuming a $40 per dry suit seal system price point.

Would you would be willing to “invest” in a new dry suit Silicone seal system? 50% down and 50% after seal system approval, almost like the projects on KickStarter.

Casco Bay Molding would deliver the seals and make them part of our Scuba Product Line.  Let us know what you think?

Liz Thornton