Per our ISO Procedures, Casco Bay Molding is pleased to work with Scuba industry experts to develop, test and validate our scuba products we produce on-site in our Sanford, Maine facility. We welcome dialog with Scuba insiders willing to make a healthy part volume commitment (a shared investment) to help us defray our development and tooling costs. We look forward to working together.

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Developing the Long-Bite Mouthpiece:

Several years ago, we developed the Long-Bite Scuba Mouthpieces with Mr. Ethan Gordon, dive instructor and internationally known scuba photojournalist. Casco Bay Molding’s Andy P. visited several dive shops with Ethan, purchasing multiple scuba mouthpieces for test and comparison, with the design goal: provide a scuba mouthpiece with maximum comfort by minimizing jaw fatigue.

After sampling, measuring & inspecting the various mouthpieces we evolved a preliminary design with the following characteristics:

  • Longer bite plate so mouthpieces could almost rest in a divers mouth or diver could bite down on different part of the mouthpiece bite plate during the course of the dive.
  • Top and Bottom on mouthpiece to compensate for the natural overbite most people have.
  • Silicone Material: Produce a mouthpiece from the best material possible: Healthcare Grade, Class VI  Liquid Silicone Rubber.

We introduced the LB-MP at the DEMA tradeshow 2013 and solicited customer and distribution partner feedback on this new product.

After customer Feedback the following Mouthpiece design enhancements were made:

  • Breathing hole internal “regulator stop-rib”
  • Bite plate/teeth locating ridge

Per Casco Bay Molding’s ISO Verification and Validation product development feedback loop, we again sent multiple product samples to customers and distributors for testing. We received favorable results and began to produce and sell our long bite mouthpiece directly to dive stores via our product website, and through our distribution partner, Trident.

Developing the Octo 2nd Regulator Holders:

After speaking with our customers and surveying the “Octo 2nd Regulator Holders” available in the market, we decided to develop a reasonably priced, durable, safe, 2nd Regulator Holder / Octopus Holder.

2nd Regulator Octo Strap Design Goals:

  • Simple and easy for divers to use
  • Durable
  • Safe: Bright yellow, Octo Strap to remain elastic under most conditions
  • UV Resistant (dive boat decks can be a warm place)
  • Simple/cost effective to manufacture

Our design team simplified the Octo Keeper or Octo Strap making one part out of what was a two or three part assembly.  By producing part with Day Glow Yellow, Healthcare Grade, Class VI, High Elongation Silicone Rubber, instead of hard plastic and stiff thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), we dramatically improved the parts physical properties.

Customer feedback was achieved by again working with our installed base of Scuba mouthpiece customers.  They overwhelmingly approved (validated) the design. Scuba divers were especially pleased with the Octo Strap’s high elongation silicone’s ability to remain flexible even in very cold seawater.



Developing the Standard Mouthpiece:

As a follow up product to our long bite scuba mouthpieces, we developed a Standard Scuba Mouthpiece. Our design goal was to provide a supple mouthpiece for normal and smaller size mouths while still maintaining our LB-MP design features that help reduce jaw fatigue.

We designed the Standard mouthpiece with slightly thinner sidewalls, an ample bite plate, overbite top/bottom feature, and produced from our healthcare-grade, Class VI Liquid Silicone Rubber.

After marketplace feedback validation, we invested in a two-cavity mold that runs with a fully automatic take-out robot which reduces our labor costs, and therefore, our customer’s costs.

Have you ever wondered where your mouthpiece came from? Check out this video on how we manufacture standard mouthpieces.

Developing the Snorkel Keeper:

Our next Scuba product was designed and developed with Mr. David Prichard of Enchanted Sea Images.  Like our other products, our Detachable Scuba Snorkel Keeper was customer tested and validated.  The snorkel keeper design allows the diver to detach their snorkel, store it inside their vest and re-attach the snorkel after surfacing as required.  Some innovative divers use our snorkel keeper to hold their torch (diver light) sideways on their mask straps.
Like the Casco Bay Molding Octo Strap, we produced the Detachable Snorkel Keeper from a high elongation, healthcare-grade, Class VI, liquid silicone rubber providing durability and UV resistance.



Developing the Octo Necklace:

The High Elongation Silicone Octo Necklace was the fourth Scuba product Casco Bay Molding developed.  The Octo Necklace functions as a secondary regulator holder.  Technical divers, Cave diver and underwater photographers use the Silicone Octo Necklace to hold various gear close to them in tight places.

Octo Necklace Design Goals:

  •  Heavier then Water: Our Octo Necklace does not float off over your head/neck.  The 100% Liquid Silicone Rubber has a specific gravity making it heavier than water.
  • UV Resistance: Our Silicone colorant and High Quality silicone does not break down in UV light.
  • Elasticity: Cold water elasticity is important for safety and durability
  • Cross Section: Casco Bay Molding’s Octo Necklace’s High Quality Silicone allows for a solid, thinner cross section with better physical characteristics.

We achieved these goals by learning from a Chinese produced-Vinyl based Thermoplastic Elastomeric (TPE) Necklaces. Again, we closed the design loop by submitting trial samples to our distributors and customers for testing, receiving overwhelming validation and approval.