Silicone Micro Molding

Casco Bay Molding works closely with Kipe Molds to develop micro molded silicone parts for our micro injection molding silicone customers.

Parts are produced with a Kipe Mold valve-gated silicone micro molding mold base mounted into a vertical press. Real shot-to-shot consistency is achieved with accurate valve gate control and a properly sized shot of liquid silicone rubber. The core and cavity inserts can be switched out to accommodate various silicone micro-molding injection jobs.

We are currently working on a micro-molding over-molding application that should save our customer a great deal of labor costs.

The Micromolding system is a downsized, further evolution of the liquid silicone rubber cold runner valve gated mold bases that Casco Bay Molding employs on our standard LSR injection mold work. Please contact us via our on-line form below to discuss your Silicone MicroMolding project.