Frequently Asked Questions


Can we Prototype Silicone Rubber?

Yes and No.  If you build a plaster or silicone mold, you can hand inject RTV (room temperature vulcanization Silicone).  It is more difficult to inject LSR (liquid silicone rubber) into anything but a metal mold because you need to elevate the temperature of the mold to get the LSR to cure.

Casco Bay Molding builds tool steel Short Run – Prototype Silicone Rubber core and cavity sets for customers who want to have LSR Silicone parts

Can we try different Durometers?

Yes.  Once the core & cavity set or mold is completed Casco Bay Molding can run various Durometers in the same mold.  Liquid Silicone Rubber is delivered in a closed “sheet rock bucket” or 55 gallon drum sets.  Each Durometer has its A & B sides that is pumped into the injection molding machine.