Medical Product Development

Casco Bay Molding develops medical Silicone parts for a number of medical, labware and healthcare applications.  Ongoing customer projects include silicone over-molded surgical handles, silicone strain reliefs, protective bumpers for surgery theaters, sleep apnea components, custom silicone tubes for medical devices, over-molded Ultem-silicone lab slide covers, Newman sanitary gaskets and multiple complex custom silicone gaskets to provide as seals for various medical devices.

These products are injection molded in our white room booth, or clean molding area, to customer’s specifications.  Working with our customers to define the critical dimensions, our Quality Assurance Technician visually inspects parts and uses custom jigs/fixtures, as well as our optical comparator, to generate inspection data.  This data is entered into Mini Tab Quality software to document the part quality and molding process repeatability.

In keeping with our ISO Certification procedures, material / Liquid Silicone Rubber traceability is provided with every shipment as required.  Normally Casco Bay Molding supplies a certificate of conformance and material certifications received from one of our Class VI – Healthcare Grade Liquid Silicone Rubber suppliers.

We would be pleased to take a look at your project. Please submit your project below.  Thank you for your consideration.