Two Component Silicone Part with Excellent Customer Feedback

Quote from Customer email:

“Due to my job description I am typically emailing my suppliers when things go wrong and require action. This is quite the opposite. [Customer] has pointed out that the efforts made at Casco have not gone unnoticed. The Casco doors are performing extremely well in the field. They wanted to make sure that you receive their appreciation for all of your efforts.

Keep up the good work!

Last month, the Casco Bay Molding team was pleasantly surprised to receive unsolicited customer feedback regarding the improved Silicone to Polysulfone bonding on a challenging over molded – insert molded application for a lid/seal to a milk shake machine.


Polysufone, like Ultem and other technical plastics, has lubricious surface finish requiring the right combination of surface treatment, mold design, injection molding process conditions and/or priming agent.

This specific part had an existing design and involves overmolding silicone onto the customer-provided polysulfone part with a chemical bond only. When our design team gets to be involved during the design process, we almost always create a mechanical bond that can be enhanced with a chemical as required.

We recently assisted a customer with large Silicone part with an encapsulated Ultem part.  More news to follow!

Liz Thornton