Private Label Menstrual Cups

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Casco Bay Molding is pleased to assist in the development our your private branded or white-label menstrual cups.  All of our menstrual cups are FDA Registered and produced in our ISO Certified factory in Sanford, Maine USA.

Advantages of menstrual cups Produced by Casco Bay Molding:

  • Medical Grade Materials
    All of our menstrual cups are produced with Medical-Healthcare Grade, USP Class VI Silicone that undergoes biocompatibility testing. Our ISO procedures provide full material traceablity with Silicone Biocompatablity Certifications from our silicone suppliers. We have nothing to hide!
  • Menstrual Cup Design Services
    We are able to assist you in the design of your new menstrual cup or customize an existing design. Our current design is free from transitions or ribs in sensitive areas that can cause irritation and discomfort. We are also pleased to work with you to implement your private label branding and/or markings on the cup itself.
  • Carrying Case
    We have developed a menstrual cup carrying case produced from the same high-quality materials as the menstrual cup itself. This carrying case is designed to replace the messy, debris-filled cloth baggies used by other menstrual cup brands. The carrying case has been purse-tested and drop-tested, and is stylish enough to display on a bathroom counter-top. It can be sterilized with your menstrual cup in boiling water.
  • Packaging
    Casco Bay Molding has the capacity to assemble the menstrual cup with the final point-of-sale packaging, and ship directly to your distributor(s) of choice. Having the chain of production entirely under one roof translates to convenience and cost-control for our partners.
  • ISO-Certified, Made in Maine USA Factory
    Safety First, our ISO procedures and documentation allows our partners to be sure that they will receive products consistently free of defects. Also, every part we produce has a lot number that can be used to identify production dates and type of material used in production.