Reinforced Silicone Parts

Casco Bay Molding develops & produces Silicone Rubber parts with a fabric, mesh or metal reinforcement.  This class of parts is generally compression molded with a reinforced backing material inserted into the mold prior to Silicone encapsulation.

Reinforced Silicone compression molding is necessary when the part being encapsulated (frequently a mesh or perforated metal) can not be reliably located within the mold cavity due to the force of injection molding.

We much prefer Silicone overmolding as a manufacturing method. Parts can be molded flash free, exit the mold as a finished product or be automatically extracted from the injection mold. The reinforced silicone manufacturing method does require labor intensive deflashing and/or de-gating.

We are pleased to discuss both potential methods of molding production. We would be pleased to review your project, please fill out the online form below. Thank you for the opportunity.